Since 17th January 2002, Mr. Federico Aldrighetti landed in India for the first time and after that the journey in India continues……


About us

Mr. Federico Aldrighetti has started his initial days with an Italian car maker FIAT , Few months with Automobile industry in Mumbai made him to look for better options in the hospitality background. His educational pedigree also compliments with the travel industry. This thought & affinity gave birth to the first Italian National to open a office in India in the tourism sector by name ISCRA. The business grew over the years at a fast pace. But after one year, with the support of Italian State Tourist Board & in cooperation with Italian Consulate the first pilgrimage group left India.

Mr. Federico always like exploring, so after 5 years and a company running at 2.5 Million Euro business, he decided to start a new venture with another Italian Tour Operator, Carla Travel. Even here the business has grown and of course his love for India too! And from there onwards Company like ICICI Prudential, HDFC, Roche, Orient Fam, just to mention few, has used his services.

Eventually the time has come for him to explore something more and to be linked now to an Indian Tour Operator and to work in the B2B business with all his experience in the Indian Market and his entire team moved to give birth to Volando Tours Pvt Ltd. Our motto is to offer agents the perfect blend of Italian & Indian service. Volando, which means in Italian & Spanish: Flying.

Now we show you Europe better with expertise & experience, So pack your bags to discover Europe with Indian & Italian touch !